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Way back in 1990, I was privileged to meet and study under Robin McKenzie, a Physical Therapist from New Zealand. Robin crossed professional boundaries to teach his evaluation and treatment protocol to chiropractors because he was frustrated by the physical therapy profession His understanding of spinal biomechanics and disc physiology revolutionized my treatment protocol and has respectively been a tremendous benefit to the Northeast Indiana Area!

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To begin the McKenzie “Extension In Lying” maneuvers, (EIL) start by lying on your stomach with your hands beside your head at about ear level. Then, begin raising your head to look at the ceiling.  While using only arm and shoulder muscles; push up and back until your spine is curved backwards. Then, slowly lower yourself back down to the floor, being careful to lower the low back first and the neck last. 

On the 15th repetition, when you reach the top of the stretch, hold the arms extended and drop your belly down toward the floor. Work up to holding this position for 30 seconds before relaxing back down to the floor.  This procedure should be performed 4x daily during any times of low back discomfort, and twice for maintenance. 

Robin’s extension in lying maneuver is the best way to relieve the negative effects of slouching.


** The above instructions are intended for use by patients of Dr. Lyons only. He assumes no responsibility for any performance of these maneuvers outside of his direct prescription and instruction by himself, or the staff of Aboite Health Center. **