It’s All In The Brain!!!

(Taken from Dr. Jack Dolbin’s presentation on Alzheimer’s) (Wake Forest University BS 1971) (National College of Chiropractic DC 1977) (CST, CFI, CSCS)

The premise of chiropractic is that the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is the “system” that monitors and controls everything that happens in your body. This is obvious in conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, ALS = Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Parkinson’s, and of course; Alzheimer’s Disease. The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America reports that over 5.1 million Americans suffer with this progressive disease. They also estimate that one to four family members are engaged in caring for each of these people. Alzheimer’s is also now the fourth leading cause of death in those over 65 year of age. (#1. Prescription Medications; #2. Heart Disease; #3. Stroke; #4. Alzheimer’s) Yes, Prescription Drugs took over as the #1 killer in 2015; beating out Heart Disease!

History: A little over 5 years ago Dr. Dolbin noticed that his wife was hanging his shirts in the closet; inside out. At first he thought she was “pranking” him. But through more observation he identified the signs of early Alzheimer’s.  Many of you have probably had a similar experience with a spouse, parent, or other loved one. The future projections of this disease are staggering, and though a single cause is not discernable, there are many things that we can do to avoid, slow, and reverse this horrible condition. I am so convinced that this is part of the major premise of Chiropractic that I will be including a segment on Alzheimer’s in all newsletters for 2017. For today, my Alzheimer’s tip is that you begin walking and for everyone over 40, supplement with Nitric Oxide. All tissues need oxygen to heal; especially the brain! Brisk walking for one hour a day increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and Nitric Oxide is the signaling molecule that tells your blood vessels to dilate. This helps men with ED, and decreases the chances of hip fracture in women by 80%. Get Up! And, Get Out!